How Love Heals, Part III


When our body, mind or heart is broken, we seek healing.

Healing is the process of integration, of joining together that which has been fragmented. A fractured bone mends. A scattered mind focuses. A heart finds wholeness. And the soul remembers oneness.

All wounds are a tear in the fabric of Love, the field of synthesis for all that has been sewn from the one thread.

In healing, Love calls back to itself what has gone awry. It magnetizes back to center what has been split apart. At the energetic level, Love coheres, attracts and unifies. It sounds out its vibrational note, and gathers in all that resonates with its song. Love energy moves as a coherent field…..spiraling tightly like a laser, systemically like a galaxy…..whirling seemingly separated particles together within its gravitational hold.

During spiritual energy healing, intense magnetic fields are observed to spike from a healer’s hands, as solar flares from the sun. Physicists have begun measuring these as well as the brainwaves of such meditators when they are in the highly coherent state of loving consciousness.

To heal the tissue, bone, muscle or organ in our body, Love energy communicates to our cells through slower electromagnetic language. The brain serves as a dutiful middle manager, receiving the highest vibrations it can and translating them into the lower signals that rally its neural network toward cellular regeneration and repair. The stirring of lower electrical pulses whips up the biochemical chicken soup that nourishes and carries life energy into the injured or diseased area. Blood flows, the immune system is stimulated, and the bodily system coordinates in the healing process.

To heal emotional, psychological, or spiritual hurts, Love displaces emptiness with passion and fullness of heart. It brings strength of will and focused intent to a mind diffused by fear. It renews oneness consciousness to a confused and divided soul.

In relationship, Love brings us together to share our gifts and collaborate in moments of creativity. Love streams through us every time we are kind, polite, respectful, allowing, patient, and forgiving. Love is visible in every act of unselfish service, cooperative partnership, and mutually supportive friendship. Through Love we are interconnected, bonded by its invisible threads. In Love, we listen to one another with ears that are nondistorting and hearts that are open and receptive. While discerning, we remain nonjudging. In action, we carry Love forward as best we are able, inclusivity and beneficence our watchwords.

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