The Paradigm Shift to Quantum Psychology

It is time for a sweeping revision, repair and restoration of the field of psychology. Stanislav Grof MD said it this way,

“We are not talking here about a minor patchwork…..but a major fundamental overhaul. The resulting conceptual cataclysm would be comparable in its nature and scope to the revolution that physicists had to face in the first three decades of the twentieth century when they had to move from Newtonian to quantum-relativistic physics. And, in a sense, it would represent a logical complement to the radical changes in understanding of the material world that have already happened in physics.”

In his article Revision and Re-Enchantment of Psychology: Legacy of Half a Century of Consciousness Research, The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 2012, Vol. 44, No. 2. Grof asserted that a materialistic view of the human psyche simply does not fit all of the data. He suggested that it was time for psychology to recognize that the brain does not produce consciousness because consciousness is already everywhere. Consciousness is primary and fundamental.

As you, my readers, know, I agree! I’ve been practicing quantum psychotherapy for eight years now. But what does that mean in a nut shell? It means that since consciousness (I define consciousness simply as matrices or patterns of energy carrying information) is primary, quantum psychotherapists know that we’re made of consciousness. We understand that the material world is knitted from the intelligent matrix of energy we experience as consciousness and pure awareness, and thus that our physical bodies are patterned after and constructed from our unique energetic blueprints that are our core essence or personal sphere of consciousness. As such, we work to heal and restore wholeness to a quantum self, a multidimensional and holographic energetic self. One that exists simultaneously within spacetime as the electromagnetic self, and beyond spacetime as the torsional transpersonal collective Self, which is interconnected with All That Is, visible and invisible. (Of course, the quantum self is already whole, but at our level of awareness we have forgotten our wholeness. We have forgotten our quantum nature.) During the course of quantum psychotherapy, we help our clients come to know who they are at their core or quantum essence, and to align their lives congruently with the inherent nature, characteristics and qualities of this authentic self. Why is this so fundamental? For from knowing this self, all other knowing follows. Including the knowing of wholeness, peace, happiness and joy. For instance, our clients come to distinguish among the many diverse layers of intelligent energy that comprise their being: the instinctual neurophysical autopilot self, athletic kinesthetic self, emotional self, social self, rational analytical self, abstract thinker self, creative self, vocational self, intuitive loving self, visionary self, and trans-personal collective self. Their awareness transforms from a restricted and limited view of who they are, one that begets fear, fighting, competition, struggle, much pain, loneliness, anxiety and depression. They begin to realize that they are not limited in identity to a physical body and material successes. They naturally start to let go of this over-identification with the body, and of their attachments to material things. As they do, freedom comes to rescue them from their despair; meaning and purpose return to their lives; connection to others is sensed as a given. Quantum psychotherapists deal with all of these personal and trans-personal aspects of quantum self in a holistic manner, integrating the best of western, eastern, trans-personal and energy modalities into a quantum toolkit. We understand the need for optimizing health, nutrition, movement, and sleep at the physical levels. We facilitate constructive thinking patterns and behaviors. We teach our clients how to regulate all aspects of self as energies that beg to be in balance with one another, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We differentiate dreams which may arise from the personal layers of the subconscious from those that arise from the transpersonal spheres of the soul or super-collective-conscious. We understand that experiences may involve physical realities on various planes of material consciousness that may seem like past or future times or no time at all, or nonphysical realities in trans-personal dimensions that defy any sort of verbal description. We know the difference between a trans-personal experience and a psychotic event. As quantum psychotherapists, we are practical, helping our clients be here now, create here and now, love here and now.

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