Consciousness, the Cross, and the Spiritual Path

crossangelYou have been born from the cosmic night to send love rippling, horizontally and vertically, at the break of light.

The son of consciousness, you travel a spiritual path symbolized by the cross of love, even if you know it not. Blinking in and out of existence, your journey travels up and down the ladder of consciousness, into higher and faster speeds of quantum vibration, into lower and slower material realms. Carrying love across the space of time, you find your way into wider and broader circles of inclusion and beingness.

So when you see the symbol of the cross, contemplate where you are on your spiritual path. How high and how wide do you cast your net of love? Are you a “fisher of all men” as is the Christ and all those who truly follow him? Or are there those who are excluded from your love? Carry the cross as a reminder that, as the son of God, your responsibility is to share love with all that is, here on this earthly plane as well as multidimensionally on all planes.

As taught by the Tibetan, where the vertical intersects with the horizontal, there is the Cross.

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