What is Energy? (A Reference for Our Conversation)

“Energy” is the capacity and power to move or exert force.

“Energy” is, generally speaking, any field or matrix of moving waves carrying information, which cannot be created or destroyed by humans, only transformed from one type or arrangement to another.

The term energy “signal” usually means the information communicated by slower electromagnetic waves that take time and space to travel. However, here it is used more generically to indicate the “information” communicated by any type of wave, even torsion fields that are in touch with one another immediately and symphonically, even at seemingly great distances.

“Pure energy” carries the signature message called life, the source field which animates all particles and atoms with various levels of consciousness.

“Force” might be differentiated from “pure energy”; the former existing within matter, and the latter existing prior to being organized into the shapes we call matter. When form is shattered and is no longer structured, perhaps we can say that “energy” is released. No longer pure or original, but energy existing in wave form.

When speaking about ourselves, we could say that our energy bodies are our nonmaterial bodies. Nonmaterial to our eyes, that is.

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