Healing Meditation


Imagine Divine Love as a white stream of energy pervading the space around you. Breathe in this Love energy. See it enter the top of your head, the crown chakra, as you inhale. As you exhale, send Love energy through your breath deeply into your body. Allow your breath to carry Love to its holy destination. Inhaling Love…..exhaling Love…..sending Love into every cell, every organ. Notice which areas of your body feel tension. Breathe in Love. Then with your outbreath, target Love energy there. Feel the area lap up the Love, and relax, smooth, expand. Become aware of which organs are most in need of healing. Inhale Love energy. Exhale Love energy, sending it to your organs with intentions (instructions really) of healing. See the white energy of Love as a jewel, radiating, sparkling, illuminating your organs with its healing light. See the organ you are healing as a jewel itself. Become that jewel. Notice which colors within Love’s light spectrum you feel called to infuse within the cells of the organ. If purple, become the amethyst brilliantly radiating purple throughout your organ body. If red, become the ruby. And so forth…..diamonds, pearls, dark blue sapphires, green emeralds….. For any color you feel drawn to, see it in your mind’s eye as clear and bright. Try it on, like a new shirt. Become aware of how it feels as you are wearing it. Magenta, daffodil yellow, coral orange…..notice the unique and varying sensations that each color brings into your body. Linger with each that feels particularly soothing and nurturing. Breathing in Love, exhaling Love…..sending Love’s magical light into every cell, organ, or system in need of healing.


The key to healing meditation is to use whatever helps transport you to the highest state of love you can feel. It is the state of loving consciousness that is healing, not anything that you do. For most people, imagery is the fastest way to achieve the joyful healing state of love. Rather than seeing Divine Love as a color or jewel, you can use other imagery. If the image of your loving pet most quickly elevates you into an unconditional felt presence of love, then use that. If it is a sacred object, symbol, person, saint or even a picture of God that transports you into multidimensional experiences of Divine Love, then use that. Imagery is more than visualization. Imagery involves every sense, not just the sense of sight. In imagery, we are enraptured by the scents, sounds, tastes, and felt touches, as well as the sights of our imagination. Once you are in love, in the highest state of love you can achieve in the moment, then allow yourself to fully marinate in its bliss. This is the healing state. This is the state of being that fully allows healing to take place, oftentimes at accelerated, even miraculous and instantaneous, rates. Sometimes it feels like being dissolved. In one minute you are actively engaged within imagery. And later you return to awareness, but only then realizing you drifted away, yet not to sleep. Awake, yet altered in consciousness. Lost to awareness is the person. Found in awareness is soul, monad, Divine Spark. Egoic consciousness gives way to Divine Love consciousness, the stream of quantum water and source of all that heals.

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