The Ways of Love: Qualities, Attributes, Characteristics

Love is….. Gentle. Not terse.

More an intimate whisper that invokes intent listening and inspires responsive action, than a fierce wind that sends us scurrying for protection.

Kind. Respectful of all.

Wise. In wisdom, there is loving understanding…..a sense of patient compassion that comes from the realization that perfection lies in the whole beyond time, rather than in the part that defines space.

Responsible. We know what needs to be done. We choose a part to play in the entire activity of construction. We do it, regardless of how inadequate our contribution seems. We understand that perfection is only achieved from group rather than individual effort. Follow through is our strength, as is persistence and steadfastness to the task at present.

Present. When we are present, we are listening, attending and connecting. We become aware of that which weaves us together in synthesis. Through mindful and heartful presence, we fully become aware of the whole, as well as our role in it. Meaning and purpose become known, since it is the whole picture that bestows context to any one part. (Consider that when our life fails to have meaning and purpose for us, it is we who have neglected to give it any.)

Allowing. Freeing. Not binding, nor demanding.

In love, there is understanding that each flower grows in its own field in its own time and pace, and in this way, life continues its blooming.

Grateful. Appreciative of what is, rather than judgmental of what is not. This is the yin of love, receptive and open.

Inclusive. Including all, marginalizing no one. Love’s creative process requires our togetherness, unity, synthesis, collaboration, and cooperation.

Constructive. Supportive. Creative. This is the yang of love. As St. Paul said, love builds. Any destruction that takes place simply makes room for the building process. An old house must be torn down before the new can be erected in its place. When the new one is built, it is constructed upon a foundation of support. Love supports, like rebar to a concrete structure. Love raises us up, like pillars and beams to a roof.

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