The “Who Am I?” Meditation

By Valerie Varan | November 17, 2012 |

A meditation used for centuries by many religious traditions: “Who Am I?” As you contemplate upon this question, notice the answers that come up initially. Then go deeper. Allow your mind to be still and receive truth from realms of higher consciousness.


What is Energy? (A Reference for Our Conversation)

By Valerie Varan | November 16, 2012 |

“Energy” is the capacity and power to move or exert force. “Energy” is, generally speaking, any field or matrix of moving waves carrying information, which cannot be created or destroyed by humans, only transformed from one type or arrangement to another. The term energy “signal” usually means the information communicated by slower electromagnetic waves that…


By Valerie Varan | November 16, 2012 |

When you are in a state of trust, whom or what do you trust? When you are in a state of fear, where lies your mistrust?

Love: An Introduction

By Valerie Varan | November 16, 2012 |

If I were to say that “love is energy”, would you understand? When we think of energy, we often think of electrical energy transmitted through wires, solar energy captured in solar cells, or even wind energy transferred through propellers. We learn in school that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but only transformed. Scientists…



By Valerie Varan | November 15, 2012 |

What is consciousness, anyway? Simply put, consciousness is a field of energy vibration carrying information. Metaphorically, consciousness as a whole is the entire ocean of all energy waves that have coalesced at a meeting point, some damp sand or rocky shore we call matter. Consciousness is the arrayed field of energy waves that whirl information into…


Client Heals Decade-Lasting Depression After One Session

By Valerie Varan | November 14, 2012 |

A new client came into my office recently, complaining of bipolar depression and other related emotional and physical symptoms she said had troubled her for over a decade. I asked what she had already done to try to heal her relentless fatigue, brain fog, inability to focus on her work, failing memory (hich she said had…


What is Love, Actually?

By Valerie Varan | November 13, 2012 |

I wish I could give you a taste of the burning fire of Love. There is a fire blazing inside of me. If I cry about it, or if I don’t, the fire is at work, night and day. -Jelaluddin Rumi, 13th century Sufi mystic, as translated by Shahram Shiva The mystics have long described love…

sun and moon

The Essence of Love

By Valerie Varan | November 12, 2012 |

Human love is… a mere reflection of its parent, the moon to the sun, the shadow to the source of light above; a work in progress, imperfect in its incompletion, blocked by fear and its sons of neediness; unfolded through goodness of heart, truth of mind, and harmony in physical expression; authentic beingness; the process…

See Cloud Atlas

By Valerie Varan | November 12, 2012 |

If you haven’t seen the movie Cloud Atlas yet, I highly recommend it. It’s a wonderful film about consciousness and love interconnecting us across multiple lifetimes, and uniting us in shared opportunity and purpose.  


What is Consciousness?

By Valerie Varan | November 12, 2012 |

Traditional psychology asserts that consciousness is an “epiphenomenon” of the brain. Believing in the conventional materialist worldview, this group of researchers says that consciousness is somehow created by the brain. Notice that if we believe that every-thing is material, then there is no such “thing” as soul or spiritual existence, no life after the death of the…