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How Consciousness Is Holographic


A hologram is a blueprint, a multidimensional image.

This image is formed from light, or from the blend of many waves of energy, carrying information from many different levels of frequency. The information from the whole, is contained within each part.

In other articles I defined consciousness very simply as energy carrying information. Now we can say that consciousness is a holographic field of energy carrying multidimensional information. And it is consciousness that serves as the template or blueprint, to which matter organizes, whether in the form of a human, a rock or any other material object.

Feel Nothing Inside? Look to Quantum Physics for Relief

You feel nothing inside.

Some panic. Others distract themselves with external stimulation, like engaging in gossip about the neighbors, being glued to the smartphone, being plugged into music, or downloading the next app. Most cover up the feeling by getting drunk or using drugs.

But quantum physics tells us that the nothing is more powerful than any something. Just because you feel nothing inside, doesn't mean you are a nothing inside.

The nothing is really space. Your core essence of self as energy and consciousness.

Esoteric sources tells us that space is an entity. A being.

Quantum physics teaches us that every thing is mostly no-thing. The analogy often used is that if you are standing in a cathedral, the space is the size of the cathedral. The thing, the particle, the substance is only the size of a speck of dust floating in a light beam. This proportion holds whether we are talking about an atom, a water molecule, you, or the entire planet.

What they have found is that space is literally the womb for all existence as we know it in physical reality. Space is the field of potentiality out of which all manifests. And that conscious observation is what creates the something out of the apparent nothing.

You are a conscious creator. So be creative with your consciousness. Choose wisely that which you create with your thoughts, your mind, your attention, your imagination. Make something out of your nothing. It is your birthright.


A big ego is a little ego disguising itself.

How Does Energy Healing Work? Using Energy Medicine as a Complementary Tool to Fight Cancer and Other Medical Conditions

The following post is NOT intended as medical advice. Please consult with your personal physician regarding any treatments you may be considering for any medical condition.

Energy healing gets a bad rap from western medicine. Many of my clients feel alienated from physicians who bash it when their patient wants to incorporate it into their healing protocol.

A client of mine recently had his surgery cancelled by his doctor simply because he was asking questions about how fast the cancer in his body was growing and was considering his holistic options. The doctor told him he didn't want to risk that his time would be wasted and told the client he felt disrespected, and therefore was taking his surgery off the schedule for the following week.

Most of these clients just feel it important to add holistic approaches to the western protocol in a complementary fashion. Most are not opting for alternative. Those who do, usually want to try less invasive procedures first to see if it works, when they believe they have time to do the western protocols if the holistic methods aren't working fast enough.

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Quantum Psychology: 7 Faces of the Quantum Self

Here is a very brief look at 7 faces of the quantum self. Of course the quantum self is limitless, but these are the facets through which most of us can categorize our experience. 1. Physical-Instinctual Consciousness This is the center of consciousness most related to the physical body, its instinctual default programming, and its motivating force that leads us to seek out safety, security and self preservation. 2. Emotional-Relational Consciousness This sphere brings us our awareness of being in relationship with another person, a color, an idea...anything at all. Emotion is the vibrational response of that focused awareness; it is a biofeedback measure of what is like us or not like us. From here arise fears and desires, attractions and repulsions, and empathy/lower psychic senses. The desire to be in relationship, and to procreate are motivated from this layer of consciousness. 3. Mental Consciousness From here comes our linear/analytical thought, all that mental chatter, and the desire to achieve and develop our personal power. 4. Loving-Intuitive Consciousness Within this state of consciousness, we think like a "we", are motivated by unconditional unselfish love, and find ourselves to be more intuitive. 5. Higher Creative Consciousness Our power coming from higher love, we find that we are motivated to create for the larger good. 6. Visionary Consciousness Having tapped into a loving desire to help others, we find ourselves intuiting ideas for things that have never been done before. 7. Transcendent-Oneness Consciousness Through this portal, our higher sense of self connects with our lower bodies.In this state we sense our oneness and interconnection with all that is visible and invisible.