All Coaching Packages

Buy a package and receive discounted rates! All packages are tailored toward your specific goals, but you'll see ideas below for what you may want to work on.

The three Holistic Life Coaching Packages below are:

  • Mind-Body-Soul Assessment (Assessment and 1 Session Feedback for $250)
  • Get Started (6 Hourly Sessions for $990)
  • Advanced (24 Hourly Sessions for $3600)

After that you will see three Spiritual Life Coaching Packages, which are

  • Spiritual Experiences Assessment (Assessment and 1 Session Feedback for $250)
  • Growth/Transformation (6 Hourly Sessions for $990)
  • Integrating Experiences (12 Hourly Sessions for $1890)

For professional practitioners, check out my leading-edge Quantum Psychology Training Package, which you will find toward the end of this page.

Holistic Life Coaching Packages

For Life's Many Stressors

Stop the Self-Judgment. Just Move Forward!

Holistic, Mind-Body-Soul Assessment & Session

$250 per pkg ($500 value)
  • Includes:
  • Written Assessment & Zoom Follow-Up Session
  • Achieve Life Balance
  • Assess Mind, Body & Soul
  • Clarify Your Deepest Needs
  • Identify Coaching Goals
  • Career & Relationships Too

Get Started

$990 per pkg ($1500 value)
  • 6 Coaching Hours Total
  • Individualized to Your Goals
  • Can Include:
  • Identify Core Patterns Causing Most Stress
  • Practice Changing Destructive Thoughts to Constructive Ones
  • Learn to Prevent Dark Emotions from Repeating
  • Get Tools for Changing Your Inner States in Minutes
  • Expand Your Emotional Toolkit
  • Begin to Recognize the False from True Self
  • Holistic Assessment Upon Request


$3600 per pkg ($6000 value)
  • 24 Coaching Hours Total
  • Individualized to Your Goals
  • Can Include "Get Started" Package, and the following:
  • Understand the Values & Principles Driving Your Worst and Best Decisions
  • Know Who YOU Are - Body, Activities, Emotions, Relationships, Interests, Career & Spiritual Self
  • Find Out Why You Struggle to be Happy
  • Overcome Self-Defeating Habits/Patterns
  • Face Challenges & Hurdle Obstacles with Greater Ease
  • Start Living Authentic True Self In Life, Relationship & Career
  • Choose Relationships that Match & Last
  • Accountability You Need to Make Changes that Last
  • Includes Holistic Assessment Upon Request

Spiritual Coaching Packages

Experiences Integration-Growth-Transformation

Non-Ordinary and Spiritual Experiences Assessment & Session

$250 per pkg ($500 value)
  • Includes:
  • Written Assessment and One Hour Session
  • Find Out How Common Your Experience May Be
  • Validate What You See, Hear, Smell, Taste & Feel That Others Can't
  • Safely Discuss Your Near-Death Experience
  • Talk About Your Spiritually-Transformative Experience
  • Learn of Other Unusual, Other-Worldly and Transpersonal Experiences
  • Understand Why Most Physicians Say Hallucinations and Delusions

Spiritual Growth and Transformation

$990 per pkg ($1500 value)
  • 6 Coaching Hours Total
  • Individualized To Your Goals
  • Can Include:
  • Learn to Quiet the Mind
  • Distinguish Intuition from Gut Instinct
  • Practice Perceiving Subtle Energy
  • Learn How Desires Help and Hinder
  • Discover Why You Have to Build the Self to Transcend Self
  • Learn What Flow Is and Isn't
  • Begin to Overcome the Fear of Surrender
  • Open and Receive
  • Cultivate Inner Peace
  • Start Living Your Sense of Spirituality
  • Always Within the Context of Your Beliefs

Integrating Near-Death, Spiritual Experiences, and More Into Your Life

$1890 per pkg ($3000 value)
  • 12 Coaching Hours Total
  • For Childhood and Adulthood Spiritual and Near-Death Experiencers
  • Also for Shared-Death, Out-of-Body, Past/Future or Other Life Experiencers and More
  • Can Include:
  • Feel Listened to Without Judgment
  • Discern How Much and What to Tell Others
  • How to Avoid Being the 70% of Experiencers Who Divorce
  • How to Talk to Your Health Providers
  • Clarify the Implications and Meaning for Your Life
  • Live Your New Purpose
  • Make Sense of a Shattered Worldview
  • Learn Ways Quantum Physics Validates Experiencers
  • And remember:
  • Nothing is Too Weird to Share
  • Always Within the Context of Your Beliefs
  • Safely Process Experiences that Conflict with Your Religion or Previous Worldview
  • Individualized to Your Goals

Quantum Psychology Training Package for Practitioners

Training You Can't Get Anywhere Else - Coming Soon!

12 Self-Study Lessons & 4 Q/A Sessions with Valerie

$1890 per pkg ($2400 value)
  • Includes:
  • 12 Lessons at Your Pace
  • Four 1.5 Hour Q/A Zoom Sessions with Valerie
  • Learn Key Concepts from Quantum Physics/Biology
  • Apply to Clinical Work in Transpersonal and Energy Psychology
  • Understand Why Quantum View of Consciousness is Necessary
  • Consider New Theories of Reality
  • Discuss Case Examples
  • Differentiate from Hallucinations and Delusions
  • Do No Harm
  • How Relates to Neuroscience & Epigenetics
  • Dreaming, Out-of-Body Travel & Trauma
  • Quantum Consideration of Past/Future Lives, Reincarnation, Alters & Gender Identity
  • Energy Constellations, Emotions, Associations
  • Much much more!