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Navigating the Spheres of Consciousness...Consciously

Are you are the driver of your experience in consciousness? Most of us are not. Through our lack of awareness, we carelessly allow ourselves to be tossed around by anything and everything. What we experience then is randomness. It is possible, however, to take the driver's seat and direct our consciousness anywhere within spacetime, or beyond its limits and boundaries. For example, we can direct our attention to the consciousness of our cells. And in so doing, we can enter the mind of our cells. We can stay in this plane of consciousness when we desire, which we certainly will until we choose to transcend it. We can navigate our consciousness into the sphere of our soul body. And from that Self, dialogue with self. We can reach out to the Cosmic Self by driving there with specific intention, and allowing self to stretch until it breaks into Self. the blackberry  

What the Shift in Consciousness Means to Us as Individuals and as a Whole

purplefabricRecently I met a young man in his thirties. As our conversation deepened, he began to talk about how everything is energy, about recent findings from quantum physics, and about having felt the shift of 2012. "It wasn't a shift like they thought it would be; it was a shift in consciousness. I felt it. Many people I know have felt it."

The "shift" is a shift in the very fabric of our identity, our values, our motivations, our sense of self. We begin to feel different from most of society and long for change in the world. We question the very foundation upon which our culture has been constructed, and seek to re-invent our systems and way of life.

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The Struggle to Figure Out Who We Are

So identified with who we are not, most of us will get dizzy trying to understand this post. Yet I encourage you to pierce through the dense shell of words and letters to the essential yolk of meaning within this writing, for it is there you will remember who you are.  

Most of us struggle to feel an enduring sense of identity. We fail to know who we are. It is like we are naked, bare of self. Feeling naked, we grab for the nearest clothing we can put on. Knowing not the timeless and unchanging part of ourselves, we clothe ourselves with borrowed bits and pieces. We “put on” a sense of identity, rather than wear our own. We take on a piece of mom, a part of dad, a little from our friends, a bit of our heros, and a whole lot of what we see worn by society. A patchwork quilted suit of self, stitched together from what we perceive around us, is what emerges from our taking. In our daily lives, we identify ourselves with whatever we believe is most fashionable. Bling. Boats and cars. Gadgets. Big houses. Prestigious titles. Even our thoughts are matched to the popular beliefs of the day. But in doing so, in attaching our sense of “I” to tangible objects or personal thoughts, we feel ourselves to be impermanent, disposable. Without apparent purpose or meaning. And, we set ourselves up for chronic grief and loss.

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Junk DNA Really Junk?

Junk DNA really junk? Not on your life. But that is what some researchers from the University of Buffalo in New York have concluded according to the article linked below. They say that genes make up only 2% of our DNA, meaning that only two percent of our DNA codes for proteins. The other 98% they now believe is junk DNA because it is not required by a healthy organism, at least not by a healthy bladderwort. There are alternative explanations. Consider that we have much evolving left to do. And the researchers who have argued that the remaining 98% plays some hidden role are closer to the truth. Especially since ENCODE reportedly found that 80% of our human genome did have some biological activity. For instance, the ability to determine genetic expression, the ability to turn it off or on, doesn't seem like a "junk" function to me, and likely not to epigeneticists either. The function of this mysterious portion of DNA may be hidden only from our five physical senses, yet revealed at other energy frequencies. Its purpose may be found as we continue to unfold our human potential and evolutionary destiny. What do you think?