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Power of Love: Man and Lions in the African Wild

Wow...the power of unconditional fearless love! See this 15 minute video clip of a man (some call the lion whisperer) hugging and playing in the wild with African lions. His mission is to teach others about the value of lions and wild each is important to the surrounding ecosystem. He tells us that each has a unique personality. And that their habitats are dwindling. They need our help to not become extinct.

The Unending Pursuit of Happiness

womanofficecomputerWhy does happiness feel like such hard work? Why is it that as soon as we've achieved something that we thought would or should make us happy, we find that we're still longing to feel happy?

Today as I found myself feeling sad, I felt inspired to add my voice to the dialogue on happiness.

The short answer to such questions is that happiness is a state we have the opportunity to create each and every moment. All moods are a reflection of the thought of the moment. Think a sad thought, and we'll feel sad. Think an even more depressing thought, and we'll feel depressed. Think a happy thought, and we'll feel happy. For that moment.

When our moods are prolonged, it is a sign that we have a habit of thinking a certain way. For instance, when we struggle with depression or anxiety, it is a mirror back to us that we typically view the world with an eye on the past or future (respectively), and with an eye for what is lost or missing to us, or an eye toward how we may be harmed in some way.

I am sad right now because I'm thinking of how many of my family members have passed recently or are gravely ill. I plan on allowing myself to feel this sadness for a few moments, because it's real, and it's how I'm feeling about this situation.

But soon, I will switch to other thoughts, like about how the geese sound as they fly in formation over the nearby lake, how grateful I am that my family will be together for the holidays, and how soulful it feels to know I have a book coming out soon.

Happiness is not about an unending pursuit for greater success. It is about noticing the present moment, being authentic to who you are, and choosing to focus on what brings you joy.

Bankers Draining Municipal Budgets? Where is Conscious Capitalism?

My stomach sickens at the thought... ...of dozens of cities, and thousands of fellow Americans, who are struggling because Wall Street bankers duped them into financial derivative schemes that made the bankers much richer and the cities, and their residents, much much poorer. Their municipal budgets now continuously drained. Public projects significantly more costly. Fewer works being funded at all. And the domino sustained unemployment or even higher layoffs, less funding to fight crime or pay emergency workers, impaired ability to help abused children get out of violent homes, little money to repair pot holes and other storm damage...the list goes on. All due to unscrupulous, unprincipled bankers who readily deceive our ignorant public servants into signing bad financial contracts, where they ultimately agree to pay higher than market interest rates or fees well into the future. Like Oakland, California reportedly stuck paying Goldman Sachs until 2021, according to CNBC's John W. Schoenan in his article (see link above) just released today.

This is just one example of individuals, and entire industries, creating needless suffering in the world. Imagine how much misery could be avoided if these people transformed their consciousness into a way of thinking and perceiving that was centered around love. All contracts would be win-win, instead of win-lose. This is the basis of the latest movement in what is being called conscious capitalism. Bankers would use their financial know-how to help cities fund projects for the common good in the least expensive manner possible. And they would be paid fairly for their expertise. Bankers would help citizens afford their own homes, not go bankrupt because of deceptive legal contracts where they end up paying 80% higher than the original price of the home. And not just bankers, and the banking financial industry.

In the November 2013 issue of Entrepreneur magazine, we learn of many innovative start-up companies who are ready to help transform our world, one need at a time. There is Crowdfunding, where new ideas , Homeboy Industries, Like chefs who are determined to bring high quality food to us quickly.

If each of us helped transform our own industry through our own example of conscious capitalism, we would indeed change this world.

How can you change the world?  

How Can You Believe in Wi-Fi, and Not Believe in its Source?

wifigreenYou can believe in Wi-Fi, that there are energy or radio waves flowing everywhere, that your thoughts can be translated into data, which in turn can be transmitted into these and many other energy signals, which can be sent and received by antennae, read using your phone or computer or television.

And yet, how is it that you cannot believe in Spirit? That very energy which is everywhere, as radio waves of information, but so much more than that, so many more frequencies than that?

Spirit is the very source of all energy signals. Spirit is the sum total of all energy signals.

Every hair on your body, every cell, every neuron, is designed as an antenna. You are a living antenna, an energy receiver and transmitter, for Spirit.

What are you transmitting right now? What would you like to be transmitting right now? As you become conscious of your transmissions, your energy signals, you become aware that you are participating in the totality of spiritual data flowing through the air waves, and through all matter, all that you can see and hear. Spirit flows through you, whether you are conscious of It or not. You can dim Its signal, muddy up its antennae hardware. Or, you can amplify Its signal, and join in conscious movement, radiating, with It, with Spirit.

Spirit is you, at its lowest and slowest frequencies. You are Spirit, in your highest and fastest frequencies.

Heaven is a great bandwidth of energy. Link up. Link in.

What is "Essential" Parenting?


I'm moved to write this post after meeting with so many clients who were raised by mentally ill parents.

They struggle with the idea of becoming parents themselves, worried that they will do what their parents did, or didn't do. Clueless as to what a healthy relationship or lifestyle even looks like, they feel completely overwhelmed at the idea of becoming a parent.

What is essential parenting? Forget the idea of "good enough" parenting for now. I'm not sure how helpful that concept is in this moment. Let's focus on what exactly is needed by any child.

Read more: What is "Essential" Parenting?

Food Addiction: Recovery Impossible?

My colleague Jerry Casados, a nutrition coach in the Denver area, recently sent me the link to a 22 minute video clip of Larry King interviewing Dr. Pam Peeke about the science of food addiction. The good news seemed to be that we can be addicted to food, that it is not for some people simply a matter of will power. The bad news was that there is "no cure" for addiction, only recovery and treatment. I have a different view of addiction. I do believe that addiction can be cured because I have seen my clients cure themselves of various kinds of addiction.