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Do You See Subtle Energy?

For those of you who see subtle energy, you may be wondering what exactly you are seeing. Here is a recent question I received and my response, shared with you who may have similar questions. I would love for you to message me on my Valerie Varan LPC Facebook page with your descriptions of how you see or experience subtle energy.

Q: Hi Valerie, I am rereading your book and am reading about imbalances of the third eye and one is detecting paranormal phenomena.  Is it an imbalance because of the vibration of the energy detected or where you are when you are able to detect it? I often detect things  and also see things all of the time floating around me.  The floating things are like sparkles, small circles and twisting strands of DNA.  It feels a bit other dimensional. Love to know your thoughts.-Miriam

A: I'm realizing by your question that some might think that I'm saying that if we see the paranormal, that it is imbalance in the third eye. What I was referring to by paranormal imbalances, was when people start freaking out about such psychic experiences, that kind of anxiety...

Thanks too for sharing what you see about the floating things. I too would like to get this conversation going about how people see what they see in other dimensions, because it differs across folks yet there are similarities. For example, my nephew describes it, then I text him a pic of the cover of Claude's Life Force book and he exclaims that it is exactly how he sees all the time. I told him he might be seeing at the subatomic particle level. Who knows?! You too. Your description sounds like his and Claude's pic. For me, I have the gestalt thing going on, where I can focus on seeing the materially hard things, or I can shift my eye focus and see what appears as the wave level of all things, where I see things as waves, shimmering and sparkling. Unfortunately in my case, when I see floaters, it is the gel of my eye deteriorating with age:(

Wouldn't it be great to hear all the different ways people see??

Here is the link below to Claude's cover pic:…/…/ref=pd_sim_14_1…

The Magnetic Soul

coreThe soul is the magnetic core
at the center of your being,
that with the love that you are,
all that you need to be that love.

From your core,
allow yourself
to entangle
with the pulse of God,
where there is no distance
between you,
only the spaciousness
of love.

Law of Attraction


The Law of Attraction is the law of love.
The more love that is given out,
the more that shall be given
to the giver,
to fulfill that love,
in measure.

About My Blog

My blog is devoted to igniting the conversation about energy, consciousness and love as comprising our most fundamental and essential nature, and about their vital role for our deepest healing.

The information provided here is intended to help each of us better understand who we are as human beings, and what helps us to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, across the many dimensions of our livingness. In this blog, I will share in simple language the ideas that have helped so many of my clients find relief, calm, inspiration, love and healing……within themselves and in their relationships.

These ideas are about consciousness, the vibrational energetic layers that communicate information to and from all that is, across multiple dimensions of our existence, even beyond time and space. Quantum physicists are now realizing that it is the unifying field of consciousness that underlies and comprises our material existence, confirming much of what ancient wisdom has long asserted and rocking the very foundation of western medicine.

These ideas are about love. As a civilization we are greatly confused about love. The more we learn, the better we might be able to love one another. As it is, even normal human love is a mystery to so many. Here we can explore new ways to bring healthy love to ourselves, our significant others, our family and friends. And, we don’t have to stop the conversation there, for many of us yearn to share a higher, more unconditional, love with strangers across the globe and with all of our planetary citizens.

And these ideas are about health and healing, at all dimensions of our beingness. For it now appears that coherent fields of energy, loving states of consciousness, are at the very root of life.

Synthesizing many disciplines, this blog bridges both western and eastern psychology, quantum physics, quantum biology and epigenetics, energy medicine, and each of those fields (literally!) that help us heal, inside and out. As author of this blog, I am eager to share what I have learned over a lifetime of practice. 

To get started, I recommend first reading the 12-part series on the nature of being, followed by the 18-part series on the nature of love. For those of you who enjoy contemplation of mystical, esoteric and religious texts, I hope you enjoy the category of posts entitled Re-interpretation of the Religious and Mystical.

Other categories of posts are intended to be more practical and for everyday transformation…..for all of us.

May we each "hold steady our light", and help move this world forward in the higher consciousness that is love,