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Today we celebrate the risen Lord! Christ Jesus arose through the power of Life, after being crucified upon a cross and submitting Himself to death of the physical body. In doing so, He taught us that our life and consciousness have their source beyond, not in, the physical body. And yet like the apostle Thomas, look how many of us who proclaim ourselves to be Christian still doubt the fact that our real life is eternal. We question whether there really is life after death. We ask for proof of heaven. Like Judas Iscariot, we betray our faith.....daily. We cling to our health and body. We cease to fully live because we are so preoccupied with not dying. And we are so worried about our reputations with those around us, that we fail to live the message in which we assert our belief. The Christ of Love asks that we risk losing this physical life so that we may find and live our true Life, which for us is Love. The testimonies of Luke, Matthew, Mark and John all bear witness to this teaching. In the English translation of the Aramaic Peshitta original New Testament, Luke 9:24 tells us "Whoever wills that his soul will be saved, destroys it. But whoever will give up his soul for My sake, this one saves it." In Luke 17:33 it is written "Whoever chooses to save his life, shall lose it, and whoever will lose his life shall find it." We are usually so focused on equating life with the physical body that we lose the deeper significance of this teaching. Our thinking is upside down or the reverse of what is really true. Life is not in the physical. So to preserve the physical is to deny the experience of the life that is the real, the eternal, the everlasting. Those of us who risk our lives to live the message of love, to teach that the source of our life and soul consciousness is outside the body, to bear witness to the higher planes of consciousness that are transpersonal or "heavenly"...we shall, like Christ, arise "into the heavens". With Him, we then live from the plane of consciousness that is Love. Not in some future time, but immediately, in that very moment. In that moment we rise and experience the Source of Life beyond our physical existence. In that moment we experience oneness with Love. And from that moment on, we are asked to bring the Kingdom of Heaven, the knowledge of the plane of Love and Source of our life, to this plane the physical. From that moment, we are asked to illuminate the darkness with the light of our love, and carry Life everlasting down into this physical earthen realm.