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On Good Friday, we remember Jesus' sacrifice, dying on the cross so that our consciousness might be raised with His. For me, this is the holiest of days, along with Easter Sunday. I would probably describe its significance in this way: The soul (that sphere or structure of consciousness that resides beyond or without the body, but then anchors to the body through heart and brain) that incarnated as Jesus was the highest consciousness soul to incarnate to that day (and still). He came to demonstrate unconditional love, to show mercy and forgiveness, to teach believing in a world that we can't see but exists nonetheless, to prove it by raising the dead with a word or touch, to model for us what it is like to turn the other cheek preferably, or at least to limit punishments to an eye for an eye rather than death for eye....all to a world that had become so violent. He was willing to say what He had to say, regardless that the religious men of that time would declare Him to be speaking blasphemy and demand that He be condemned to death. The day He died is remembered on Good Friday. The day He arose from the dead is celebrated on Easter Sunday. But I believe He allowed the body to die and to be killed because He knew death to be an illusion of this material plane or world. He allowed the body to be entombed 3 days for reasons quite esoteric. He arose 3 days later to prove life everlasting, life eternal, consciousness beyond the material body. Many of us believe that Christ Consciousness is a high plane of consciousness beyond the material, the Kingdom of Heaven referred to in the Bible. We believe that Jesus came to show us what it is to embody the energy of Christ, the Son of the Holy Trinity, the principle and plane of unconditional and divine Love that is the force of attraction, the soul within all souls, the Oversoul. It is Jesus that first showed us what it is like to bring Christ or Love Consciousness into human awareness and to live from that plane or sphere of consciousness. To be born again, is to be raised up into Christ consciousness. On this day, let us remember what Christ Jesus came to teach us, that we are Love, that we are to embody Love, and that those who give up the body to die so that Love may live, shall know everlasting Life. Faith shall be rewarded with the knowledge of Heaven, the Kingdom of God.