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Spiritual Well-being

Pain, Passion, Beingness and Love

This morning I awoke from a dream that inspired this writing.

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Pain is passion

turned in on itself.

It defines

the edges of our Beingness in form and time,

who we are not,

what we perceive not,

where we have acted not.


Pain is Beingness

turned in on itself,

fallen inward


flowered outward

in its higher expression of Livingness.


Pain is Love

turned in on itself,




from the cavernous spaciousness that is

the Higher Heart.


Passion unveils Beingness,

which reveals

Love itself.


To move beyond pain,

move outside of your form self

and into

the space of your true self.


Being Love is who you really are.

Sharing Love is forever your true purpose.

Law of Attraction


The Law of Attraction is the law of love.
The more love that is given out,
the more that shall be given
to the giver,
to fulfill that love,
in measure.

Existential Crisis, The Birth of Faith and the Forging of New Identity

She sits before me, her veins screaming out from her forehead that is now turning purple. Her fragile heart has been shattered by a love she thought would last forever, but who walked out the door instead, unable to step up to the responsibility and commitment of such a future. "I thought that if I asked and was ready to receive, the Universe would give me what I wanted." The way she once thought the Universe worked suddenly isn't real for her. And she is trying with all of her might to contain the myriad of emotion that overwhelms her for fear that she too will break wide open. He is sobbing, his head buried in his hands, his legs shaking with tragic refusal to accept what is. The cancer has grown and has escaped into the lymph nodes. The surgery now feels inevitable, despite his best efforts to avoid it with alternative treatments and hope for a radical remission. Everything he believes he suddenly doesn't.

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Letting Go

A client wanted to share with you the poem she wrote to herself about trust, and letting go...


Letting Go

Trusting in the Universe and myself.
Knowledge that I have done the best I can.
Being held lovingly in the moment.
Floating in the calm ocean.
Truth in the sky above me.
Truth in the water below me.
Love and appreciation for where I am NOW.
Love and appreciation for what has brought me to NOW.
Embracing freedom... Like a caged bird.
It takes courage to open your wings and fly on the wind.
And this is freedom.
It is a choice.
Choose courage.
Dissolve fear.
Recognize the limitlessness of love within yourself and the universe.
Open your wings.
Take flight.
And this is letting go.

by CH

Learning to Love, and other Mother's Wisdom

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For those of you who are mothers, thank you for the key role you play in the evolution of love upon our planet, that of sharing your highest wisdom with your children. As you read about the qualities and characteristics of love in this blog, it will be up to you to teach and model what you learn to your children, and to help them embody the principles of such love throughout their lives.

My mother first passed along to me her own mother’s wisdom when I was still a teen. Though I don’t remember the circumstances that led to the conversation, I remember her words, and to this day, I reflect upon their profound significance. “My mom always told me that the kids who were the least lovable need the most love,” she said.

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80% of us have experienced God's love!

Thanks to Stephen G. Post and his team, sociologists Margaret Poloma and Matthew T. Lee of the University Akron, with the help of John C. Green, Director of the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics. With a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, they have now completed a research survey of the American experience of God's love. ( It turns out that 80% of us have experienced God's love, and 45% of us feel God's love for us directly at least once per day! Click below to read Stephen's article summarizing the results of their research project: Visit for more information on their book. For more about Stephen's work visit Institute for Research on Unlimited Love at