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The Course of Our Development - In Consciousness, Motivation and Love

This is intended to serve as a very brief, simplified sketch of a consciousness-based model or map, which highlights our human development and psychology of values.  It offers us a milestone by which we can pace our personal evolutionary growth, as well as that of others, that of nations, even that of humanity as a whole. Many of my clients have found the verbal version so insightful for understanding their inner sense of conflicting values and differences from others, that I am attempting here to put it into the written word. This model incorporates eastern psychology and the discussion of the chakras (i.e. spinning vortices/intersections of energy), which carry information into our human body. It also integrates western psychology's contribution about the nature of our intelligence, and the science of happiness, as well as the experience of human desire, aspiration, motivation and love.  

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Energetic signals come to us from everywhere and everything. Implications for self-love and the industries that are intended to serve us.

Insight: Signals come to us from everywhere and everything. Since we are our own unique energy stream of love we may need to consciously choose which we take in to our system, as best we can, both at the personal and collective levels. This is the basic essence underlying self-love. Everything radiates its own energetic signature. You radiate your own unique energetic fingerprint throughout this universe. Our bodies are infused, even blasted with informational signals coming from “outside” ourselves. Many of these signals are constructive for us. Some are destructive.

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Time is relative to love consciousness.

Insight: Time is relative to consciousness and love. The more extensive our love and consciousness, the more time stands still as infinity. One morning it dawned on me that time is relative to love. If it is true that consciousness is the son of father spirit and mother matter, and love is the divine force of consciousness itself, then time is relative to both. Love is the cross where the vertical line of time and the horizontal line of space merge. When there is no distance between us, we are one consciousness unified beyond spacetime. Now, the present moment, is all that exists at that point of consciousness. Love, presence and focused awareness, makes time feel still. Consider that when we are children, our awareness is like a bud, mostly the potential of love's blossom. The apparent time between the past (when we first started pre-school) and the future (when we will graduate from high school) seems to crawl. However, when we become adults, our consciousness has unfolded to encompass quite more, and time seems to zoom by us way too quickly. I can only imagine that from some divine perspective time is but an instant, a flash of light, and we are like a firefly in the cosmic night.

God of Love is not the same as God of Power.

Insight: The “God of Love” is not the same as the “God of Power and Might”. Rather than the Son that is the force of Love, God of Power is the Father of the Holy Trinity. Truth itself. The source of all vibration or consciousness. Pure energy. Life. God of Power may be the energy we conceive scientifically as the unmanifest power evident in the zero point field, in the “space” and womb of our existence, in the illusory no-thing-ness before it births into some-thing. It is that Power that preceded the Big Bang. Metaphorically, God of Power breathes us out (creating the field of Love, of quantum consciousness itself and all its subsequent forms of light), then breathes us back again in order to start anew. Power is that which destroys obsolete forms (appearing to us humans as “death”) in order for Love energy to replace them through a birthing of new forms of a much higher order, a process which scientists call evolution.

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Consciousness evolves toward more inclusive love and awareness.

Insight: Consciousness evolves toward more inclusive love and awareness. Consciousness evolves within us, as it does all of humanity and all of creation.   At the level of humanity, we evolve from mass consciousness into individual consciousness, and then into group consciousness. Mass consciousness is related to our more instinctual intelligence and therefore more primitive ways of love. This is our herd consciousness. In this state of consciousness, we look to others for what to do, and as they do, so do we. We find mates, we have children. We strive to fit in. We can't risk standing out, being ridiculed or rejected. Fear continuously blocks our desires, as the clouds block the sun. Individual consciousness expands the more we cultivate our innate intelligence. In its selfish phase, personal desire, lust, and addictions characterize this state of consciousness. Yet the more conscious we become of our choices, the more capable we become of healthier human love. Personal power, self-reliance, and individual achievement are necessary developments, for they bring balance to dependency in relationship, and foster the capacity for mutual support and reciprocity. Health self-awareness, self-respect, independence, along with a sense of responsibility and trustworthiness, give rise to cooperation and collaboration. The balance between self-love and other love is vital. The selfishness and aggressive competition that characterize humanity today smolder the wick of love. Needed is the restraint of true courage. Group consciousness comes from soul awareness, the inner sense of "we-ness" that all souls feel. One mind, one body. Inclusive love for all. These are the mindsets that characterize this state of consciousness. This is the consciousness that is the immediate destiny for humanity. It is a state where individually we contribute toward the good of the whole. It is the whole of humanity, the whole of the planet, the whole of life that is our keynote here. Our intuitive and higher creative intelligence lead our way.   At the level of the individual, we evolve into broader and more inclusive spheres of love. Love of self opens to love of a significant other, as well as to family at large. Love of family broadens into love for a wider circle of friends. Our circle of love expands gradually, beginning with more and more of those who seem to be similar to us. We fall into wider senses of community still, encompassing eventually even those who are greatly different than we. Town, state, nation.....our awareness continues to envelope all of the human family. Then comes the time that we realize the entire planet is family.....all of humanity, all of the animal kingdom, the vegetation of the earth, the minerals, cooperatively working as one united organism. Yet even this awareness is inevitably superseded by the sense of oneness with the entire cosmos, and with all that is.   And so we evolve, individually and collectively.....from the consciousness of the herd self into the consciousness of the personal self, familial self, national self, planetary self, universal self, until we are united in consciousness as one Cosmic Self. And, from this center, we love.  

The Great Invocation

A prayer suggested by the Tibetan, from the Ageless Wisdom:   "From the point of Light within the Mind of God Let light stream forth into the minds of men. Let Light descend on Earth.   From the point of Love within the Heart of God Let love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ return to Earth. From the centre where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men - The purpose which the Masters know and serve.   From the centre which we call the race of men Let the Plan of Love and Light work out. And may it seal the door where evil dwells.   Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth."

To summarize this far...

So far, the series on the nature of love is up to 13 insights. Hope they have helped you in your journey into love! To summarize what we have contemplated up to now: Think of love as energy that is in some measure enlivening, expanding and creating. It is beneficently supporting, nourishing, allowing and thus freeing. Love is continuously drawing us into harmonic convergence for the higher good, grouping us by similarity of purpose, and inviting us into increasingly larger and larger wholes of consciousness that we experience multidimensionally as pure presence. To love is to allow ourselves to be open, to share experience with another, to expand into the consciousness of another, and to know ourselves to be united as one. The more we allow ourselves to receive such energy (from both ourselves as well as others), the more we will feel uplifted and abundant, and the stronger we will feel to share this love energy with others.

Where are you on the ladder of love?

Though in reality love is already present in all dimensions simultaneously, it appears to us as if it evolves. Within ourselves as individuals, as well as within our social and cultural norms. It seems to enter our human consciousness in steps, as if we were climbing a ladder. From a physical instinctual style of living, to an emotional relational feeling style, to an intellectual thinking way of being, toward a more integrative and social creative mindset, and even beyond all of that, we are transformed. Most of us have at least touched the first three steps. But we differ in which step we choose to live our life from as our usual way of being, whether the physical, emotional or mental realm of love consciousness.

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Les Miserables: A Story of Love

If you haven't seen Les Miserables, go see it in theatres now! Far from depressing, it shows the commanding power of love and forgiveness.  

How Love Heals, Part III


When our body, mind or heart is broken, we seek healing.

Healing is the process of integration, of joining together that which has been fragmented. A fractured bone mends. A scattered mind focuses. A heart finds wholeness. And the soul remembers oneness.

All wounds are a tear in the fabric of Love, the field of synthesis for all that has been sewn from the one thread.

In healing, Love calls back to itself what has gone awry. It magnetizes back to center what has been split apart. At the energetic level, Love coheres, attracts and unifies. It sounds out its vibrational note, and gathers in all that resonates with its song. Love energy moves as a coherent field.....spiraling tightly like a laser, systemically like a galaxy.....whirling seemingly separated particles together within its gravitational hold.

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How Love Heals, Part II


Love is the cyclic movement we call the inbreath and outbreath of God.

Divine Love breathes out creation as the force of involution.

As the force of evolution, Love breathes in, and gathers the many into the One.

Through Love we are born. Through Love we heal.

(to be continued in part III...)

How Love Heals

star trails

Love is the primary energy through which matter, our familiar dense and physical form, is constructed.

Pure energy that is Spirit inter-courses, weaving form out of formlessness, falling back and forth upon itself, One Thread becoming the many-threaded material of our physical existence.

The process, we call Love. The sound, a multi-verse of exploding life birthing from the One Life. The primary effect, we call Creation, Awareness, the field of Quantum Consciousness.

(to be continued in part II...)

We are Interconnected: Tragedy in Our Seas

Yet another example of how we are interconnected, for better or worse. In this case, Hawaii's beaches and sea life are struggling with the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan, two years later. In the birds and fish, plastic has been found in 100% of the wildlife tested. Our food supply contaminated, we are reminded of why it is in our best interest that the products we manufacture be made of materials that are environmentally-friendly and biodegradable.   We are...ecosystems within ecosystems.  

Who Am "I"?

waterdropsfromoceanI am a drop of consciousness emerging from an ocean of consciousness.

And yet I am the ocean of consciousness from which my atoms and cells themselves emerge as individualized drops of consciousness.

Drops within drops within drops, I am an infinite array of consciousness.

Hologram within hologram within hologram, I am conscious being, life and love itself.

Consciousness, the Cross, and the Spiritual Path

crossangelYou have been born from the cosmic night to send love rippling, horizontally and vertically, at the break of light.

The son of consciousness, you travel a spiritual path symbolized by the cross of love, even if you know it not. Blinking in and out of existence, your journey travels up and down the ladder of consciousness, into higher and faster speeds of quantum vibration, into lower and slower material realms. Carrying love across the space of time, you find your way into wider and broader circles of inclusion and beingness.

So when you see the symbol of the cross, contemplate where you are on your spiritual path. How high and how wide do you cast your net of love? Are you a "fisher of all men" as is the Christ and all those who truly follow him? Or are there those who are excluded from your love? Carry the cross as a reminder that, as the son of God, your responsibility is to share love with all that is, here on this earthly plane as well as multidimensionally on all planes.

As taught by the Tibetan, where the vertical intersects with the horizontal, there is the Cross.

Spheres of Love


Love.....a never-ending series of concentric spheres, extending higher and wider, encompassing all that is.

What is Energy? (A Reference for Our Conversation)

whitestarenergy"Energy" is the capacity and power to move or exert force.

"Energy" is, generally speaking, any field or matrix of moving waves carrying information, which cannot be created or destroyed by humans, only transformed from one type or arrangement to another.

The term energy "signal" usually means the information communicated by slower electromagnetic waves that take time and space to travel. However, here it is used more generically to indicate the "information" communicated by any type of wave, even torsion fields that are in touch with one another immediately and symphonically, even at seemingly great distances.

"Pure energy" carries the signature message called life, the source field which animates all particles and atoms with various levels of consciousness.

"Force" might be differentiated from "pure energy"; the former existing within matter, and the latter existing prior to being organized into the shapes we call matter. When form is shattered and is no longer structured, perhaps we can say that "energy" is released. No longer pure or original, but energy existing in wave form.

When speaking about ourselves, we could say that our energy bodies are our nonmaterial bodies. Nonmaterial to our eyes, that is.



What is consciousness, anyway?

Simply put, consciousness is a field of energy vibration carrying information.

Metaphorically, consciousness as a whole is the entire ocean of all energy waves that have coalesced at a meeting point, some damp sand or rocky shore we call matter. Consciousness is the arrayed field of energy waves that whirl information into structured form.

Consciousness is the collective field of all energetic vibration, faster and slower, which underlies and provides the informational blueprint for all existence.

Consciousness is the unified love between pure energy and material form. From the intercourse of pure energy with matter, consciousness emerges.

Consciousness, beingness, love, attention, there really a difference?

What is Love, Actually?


I wish I could give you a taste of
the burning fire of Love.
There is a fire
blazing inside of me.
If I cry about it, or if I don't,
the fire is at work,
night and day.

-Jelaluddin Rumi, 13th century Sufi mystic, as translated by Shahram Shiva

The mystics have long described love as a fiery force.

Most of us, however, have largely reduced love to sex. Yet, to simplify or reduce this burning fire of love to sex, is like reducing or equating ourselves with our reproductive organs, though they are indeed one aspect of the self we know as "I".

What is love actually? The mystics' metaphor for love, "fire" symbolizes the fire of mind, of illumination, of awareness and of pure consciousness itself. In its pure essence, love is THE spiral cyclic energy whirling all manifested creation within its ever-expanding ring of fire. Where love energy moves, form follows, evolves and expands.

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What is Consciousness?

headburstWhat is consciousness?

Traditional psychology asserts that consciousness is an "epiphenomenon" of the brain. Believing in the conventional materialist worldview, this group of researchers says that consciousness is somehow created by the brain. Notice that if we believe that every-thing is material, then there is no such "thing" as soul or spiritual existence, no life after the death of the physical body, no consciousness without the brain, no experience that cannot be explained by a physical process. Neuroscientists are busy mapping out which objective parts of the brain correspond to specific types of subjective experience (for example, the multisensory state of consciousness that arises as we inhale the aroma of apple pie baking in the oven). But correlation doesn't necessarily prove causation.

So far, the latest science shows that our mental and emotional consciousness seems to be present in every cell, not just in the brain. And furthermore, evidence continues to pile up for consciousness independent of the brain and body. Just ask Dr. Eben Alexander, previously a skeptic, now a believer that consciousness is actually "freed up" when it disconnects from the brain, allowing us to experience higher states of existence and knowing. A Harvard and Duke trained neuroscientist, Dr. Alexander has documented his transpersonal near-death experience of out-of-body consciousness in his new book Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Through the Afterlife. (You can find out more from his site

Consider that consciousness is the underlying field of energy that comprises all objective and subjective reality. That means that every-thing and every no-thing is based upon and constructed from consciousness. The entire spectrum of wave vibrational energy carrying information, consciousness spans the slower lower waves of vibration as well as the faster higher pulses of existence. That's the cutting edge worldview we see after observing the latest data that comes from quantum physics and consciousness research.