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  • Thank you to those who have noticed my absence from writing on this blog. Several of you have mentioned it to me. The good news is I finally have submitted my book to the publisher. So, look for Coping With Quantum Reality, a self-help book for the soul, expected to be out later this year. For those of you experiencing a quantum reality, you have traveled beyond this physical dimension in your consciousness and have come to know the multidimensional and holographic nature of reality that begs to be called quantum. Some of you have come to this knowing through near-death, out-of-body or "past" life experiences. Some of you, through peak moments of trans-personal or spiritual awakening. Others of you have naturally been in touch with other dimensional beings - such as angels, Presence, ghosts, "little people", or alien races - your entire lives. In part one of the book, I have simplified explanations of energy and consciousness to give the reader a scientific vocabulary for understanding their experiences in consciousness. I have also presented a consciousness map, and differentiated the ego consciousness as within the frequency ranges of electromagnetism and the soul as involving the faster frequencies of torsion fields. In part two, I have addressed the most common side effects from experiencing domains of quantum consciousness, such as anxiety from no longer feeling like you fit in, or feeling a radical shift in your values and life. Or, feeling a kind of depression referred to by St. John of the Cross as the dark night of the senses (earlier in your spiritual pilgrimage) or the spiritual Dark Night (a milestone in the life of the more tested disciple). Now that the book is essentially complete, I hope to write more in this blog. Thanks for reading!

  • A world plowed waiting for a season of new growth waiting for us to choose which seeds of wishes shall spill into the earth, so fertile to our desires, our hopes, our imaginings.   Hope is blossoming, I can feel it in the waters of our hearts irrigating, preparing the parched patches of crust left for too long in the desert of our joint isolation.   Ripened ovules of love offspring of our will offshoot of our spirit waiting to be nurtured waiting to be cultivated waiting for our determined decision.   I can see it. A yield of fruit tasting of forgiveness and compassion, clustered on a vine of realization that all is from the same root Love.   Hope is blossoming. I can feel it.