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Leading-Edge Psychology

Welcome!  If you are seeking leading-edge help at every level of your being - physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual, then you're in the right place! Visit my Coaching page, if you want guidance to achieve a greater level of well-being in your life. For those of you with mental health concerns, go to my Holistic Counseling page. And for those of you looking to reconnect with your highest self, check out the section on Soul Work.


Living in a Quantum Reality
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A Quantum Explanation of Love
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Lucid Planet Radio

Lucid Planet Radio with Dr. Kelly: Living in a Quantum Reality: Using Quantum Physics and Psychology to Embrace Your Higher Consciousness



Living in a Quantum Reality: Using Quantum Physics and Psychology to Embrace Your Higher Consciousness

This book is a quantum, energy psychology self-help book, based on my direct experiences and those of my clients.

It is a step toward advancing the field of psychology, and especially the practice of psychotherapy, to catch up with the latest, more quantum, worldview, one that is more comprehensive for understanding the reaches of our human consciousness and psycho-spiritual experiences.

For those of you who would like to understand your supposedly "impossible" experiences, or who would like help with the most common issues faced by those of a higher, more loving, consciousness, this book is for you.

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Featured Article

Spiritual Trans-personal

Namaste! I love this Sanskrit greeting which means The Light of God in Me recognizes and honors the Light of God in you, and in that recognition is our Oneness.

Do sayings like that ever provoke in you the “aha!” experience? Do you ponder about the meaning and purpose of your life? Do you wonder about whether or not there is a higher force? Have you ever had experiences that you could not explain, and worried that others would think you were “crazy”? Perhaps you find yourself questioning your beliefs and want to discuss them with a “neutral” person who would understand and not judge. If you seek nondenominational spiritual counseling, I would be honored to support you as you contemplate these mysteries.

Spiritual/Trans-personal Approaches

I can help if you are seeking treatments for mental health concerns that:

  • Are based upon universal spiritual principles
  • Have been found to facilitate transpersonal (i.e. beyond the personal realm) experiences
  • Consider symptom origins from a transpersonal perspective
  • Understand the difference between psychotic and transpersonal symptoms


My own journey into spiritual questioning led me beyond my Christian upbringing into a quest for the common truth universally taught across all of the world’s wisdom traditions. I continue to explore them all, and to seek further experiences of sacred states of consciousness. I am fascinated by scientific findings from quantum physics, prayer research, remote viewing and distant healing studies, entanglement experiments, spiritual/energy healing, and inquiries into the nature of consciousness and the power of intention. And I persist in reviewing what these investigations reveal. For perhaps the first time in history, due to the benefit of increasingly sophisticated technology, science is beginning to confirm what the wisdom teachings have declared for millennia. Love is a powerful uniting force. Love crosses mysterious boundaries. Love heals.

Call me today at 303.547.8327 to schedule your free initial 30-minute consultation and learn more. Namaste! 

  • "This is a welcome addition to the growing literature of quantum psychology."

    I found it interesting and useful and you will too. The author has a lively readable style to boot. -Amit Goswami, quantum physicist and author of Quantum Creativity and Quantum Economics

    image Amit Goswami
  • "This is a remarkable book that offers an in-depth excursion into Valerie's consulting"

    -Fred P. Gallo, Ph.D., DCEP, Author of Energy Psychology, and President of Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

    image Fred P. Gallo, Ph.D., DCEP
  • "Wise guidance for all of us grappling with a world that is in terrifying chaos"

    -David Feinstein, Ph.D. Author of The Promise of Energy Psychology and co-author of The Energies of Love: Using Energy Medicine to Keep Your Relationship Thriving

    image David Feinstein, Ph.D
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